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November 27, 2022

Weekend Masses - Saturday 6:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Reconciliation: Saturday 1:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m. or upon request

Mass During the Week : Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. Wednesday Mass followed by Exposition and Benediction

Although Mass is offered for everyone, the presiding priest agrees to pray for particular intentions which have been requested. You may also add special intentions in a book provided. Weekday Mass Intentions will reschedule in the event of a funeral or when the schools are closed due to inclement weather.



To assist those in need -638-9010




MARY’S KITCHEN - Friday 4:00 to 5:30 at Holy Redeemer Parish lower level. 


IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY SCHOOL is a privately funded school dedicated to educational excellence in a Christian environment. It is operated independently of the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador by the Catholic School Foundation of Corner Brook Inc. For more information about the school and its mission go online to www.ihmschool.ca




Saturday, November 26th - 5:00 p.m...Late Jack & Stella Lee:

Late Bill Fagan

Sunday, November 27th - 11:00 a.m...For all our parishioners

Sunday , November 27 th - 5:00 p.m...Late Medrick Brake; Late Joan Hundt

Monday, November 28th - 9:30 a.m...Late Paula Furey

Tuesday, November 29th - 9:30 a.m...Late *Late Percival and Mary Joyce;

Late Mary Gallant

Wednesday November 30th - 9:30 a.m...Late Patrick McHenry

Thursday, December 1st - 9:30 a.m...Late Patricia O’Brien

Friday, December 2nd - 9:30 a.m...Late Fred Price

Saturday, December 3rd - 5:00 p.m...Late Catherine Jackman; Late Fred Hayes


ADVENT: Begins today, and it has a twofold nature. It prepares us for Christmas when we recall Christ’s first coming among us. It is also a time when we look forward to His second coming at the end of the ages. Advent is a season of joyful expectation. During Advent, each Sunday’s Gospel has a specific theme. The Old Testament readings, especially those taken from Isaiah, are prophecies about the Messiah and messianic times. The selections from the writings of the apostles present exhortations and instructions on different themes of this season.


CHRISTMAS FLOWERS: If you would like to donate for flowers for the altar in memory of a loved one, you may do so by putting your donation in an envelope with the name of your loved one and drop it in the collection or at the Parish Office.


SUNDAY ENVELOPES FOR 2023: are available for pick up at the Parish Office.


ADVENT ENVELOPES: are available on the tables at the entrances.


CWL- ADVENT REFLECTION Saturday, November 26, 10am-12 noon in the lower level of the Cathedral. Presenter - Sister Kay Rex. All are welcome.


VOTIVE CANDLES UPDATE: Votive candles are now being processed and getting ready for shipping and should arrive soon.


ADVENT ECUMENICAL SERVICE: The Cathedral of St John the Evangelist annual Advent Ecumenical Service November 27th at 7:00 pm. They invite all interested singers for a choir rehearsal on Sunday, November 27th at 5:45 p.m.  Although COVID protocols are more lenient, masking is recommended.


ADVENT CELEBRATION: Those involved in the Family Cathechetics program are reminded that, as in previous years, instead of regularly scheduled classes, there will be an Advent Celebration. This will take place on Monday, November 28th at 6:30 pm at the Cathedral. Check your emails for more information.


LITURGY COMMITTEE: will meet on Wednesday, November 30th at 3:00 pm in the lower level of the Cathedral.


THE SOCIETY OF ST VINCENT DE PAUL: will be conducting Christmas Hamper Registrations at the entrance to the Cathedral on Mt. Bernard Ave on the following days and times: 10:00 am to 12 noon & 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Wednesday, November 30th and Friday, December 2nd. Please bring MCP cards for each family member and address. You may only apply for one hamper, cross-referencing will be done with the Salvation Army to prevent duplication. We are once again collecting socks, gloves, caps, scarves, etc. as stocking stuffers for Christmas hampers. A collection box can be found at the rear of the Church. As well, if you or your family would like to sponsor a hamper or contribute in some way, please call the Society at 638-9010. Thanks for your continued generosity.

FINANCE MEETING: will meet on Monday, December 5th at 3:00 pm in the Boardroom of the Priest Residence.


PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Monday, December 5th at 7:00 pm in the lower level of the Cathedral.


BAKE SALE - HOLY REDEEMER PARISH FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE - bake sale on Saturday, December 3rd , 2pm to 5 pm at the main entrance of the Cathedral. We ask for your help by donating some baked goods for this event. You can drop these items off at the Cathedral between 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm on the same day. If you are unable to bake and wish to make a monetary donation you can do so by placing it in an envelope marked “Bake Sale” with you name also and drop it in the collection. For further information you can call Uriel at 634-2230. We thank you in advance for your continued support.


PENITENTIAL SERVICE: Will be held on Monday, December 12th at 7:00 pm at All Hallows.


FAMILY CATECHETICS 2022 -2023: The Family Catechetics program for children (K to year six and Confirmation) is underway. New registrations are welcome! All classes begin at 6:30. Forms can be picked up at the Parish Office or sent via email. They can be returned with the fees via fax, email, or in person. Please contact Angie Dolomount at angie.dolomount@gmail.com, 631-4543, or the parish office for more information.

Upcoming classes:

Monday, November 28: Advent Celebration (K-6)

Thursday, December 1: Confirmation 1


YOUTH CHOIR FOR CHRISTMAS EVE MASS: Any young person interested in participating in a youth choir at the Children’s Mass on Christmas Eve is invited to contact Denise Rumbodlt at familycatecheticshrah@gmail.com Names will be forwarded to the choir organizers, who will let you know about practice times. If you’re musical, please share your gift.


4 YOUTH: Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year for the Catholic Church. The word Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming” or “ arrival”. The season of Advent, which begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and ends on Christmas Eve, is the time when we prepare to celebrate Christmas. For a really quick, cool explanation of Advent, check out the video “Advent in 2 minutes” on YouTube.


BAPTISM PREPARATION: To have your child baptized call the Parish Office 634-5161 to arrange for an appointment. This is for parents and God-parents.


UPDATE ON MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IN DYING: When the Federal Government first introduced a Bill for Medical Assistance in Dying concern was expressed that it would lead to the increased availability and promotion of euthanasia, especially amongst our most vulnerable populations. Year after year, our parliament has moved towards broadening the availability of euthanasia in Canada. As I write to you, parliamentary debate centers making euthanasia available to all those who request it, including those suffering from mental illness, those who are minors and young children with serious illnesses and conditions. Several requests have already been made by people who were rendered homeless for long periods of time or who were unable to secure supportive services in their time of need (rather than killing them, we should help them). Recent opinion pieces in major U.S. newspapers (New York Times and Washington Post) have questioned if Canada in not targeting the poor and the disabled in expanding eligibility criteria. Fearing the consequences, and drawing on the teachings of the Church on live issues, I urge all Catholics to do their best to remain informed on this issue, to speak out whenever possible (especially now, while this is being debated in parliament), to support those who might find themselves in need of care and human compassion, and to support those efforts that alleviate poverty and discrimination towards those living with disabilities, a dependent condition or mental illness. God calls us to be advocates for those who are week and vulnerable.


RELIGIOUS ARTICLES STORE: will be open after 5:00 Sunday evening mass.


DIOCESAN INVITATION TO VIRTUAL DISCUSSION: Last spring the people of the Diocese were invited to offer their input into the Church’s latest Synod on Communion, Participation and Mission. Since then the Diocese has drafted a report, which was used by Rome, among many other submissions, to draft a working document entitled: “Enlarge the space of your tent.”. Both of these documents are available on our Diocesan Website: www.rcchurch.ca We encourage you to read them and reflect on them. In order to continue the listening process, Rome has asked each Diocese and each Continent to enter into a process of reflection and discussion on the document, “Enlarge the space of your tent” (the result of its first consultation). The three questions for discussion: After having read and prayed with the document, 1) What resonates most strongly with the lived experience of Church in your area?

2)What questions or issues need to be addressed in the next steps of the process?

3) Looking at what emerges from the first two questions, what further actions should be taken?

The Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador is hosting a virtual discussion group, dealing with these questions, on December 1st at 7 p.m. If you would like to participate, please e-mail the Diocese before Tuesday, November 29th at diocese@nf.aibn.com and we will send you a Zoom link. Feedback from the discussion will be used, by the 3-5 delegates, at the Continental Stage in January. Feedback received at our diocesan virtual discussion will also be used to further the discussion on our own Diocesan Report beginning in February 2023.






Sunday Masses - Saturday 5:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Reconciliation: Saturday 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. or upon request

(in the sacristy)


Mass During the Week : Monday to Thursday 9:30 a.m. And Friday at 9:30 a.m. at All Hallows Church


Although Mass is offered for everyone, the presiding priest agrees to pray for particular intentions which have been requested. You may also add special intentions by letting us know in advance. Weekday Mass Intentions will reschedule in the event of a funeral. When Mass is cancelled as schools are closed due to inclement weather, the Mass will be celebrated via Live-Stream.





Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days.

Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It is a good chance to get rid of those things now worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.





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