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Schedule 2020-21



FAMILY CATHECHETICS 2020-21: The Family Catechetics program for children (Kindergarten to year six) and their parents will begin later this month. (dates and times to follow). Due to Covid-19, all sessions this year will be held on-line.

Registration forms will be emailed to all those who were enrolled in the 2019-20 program, and are also available at the parish office. Completed forms may be returned to the parish office via fax, email or in person. Fee may also be paid at the parish office or by email money transfer. For further information, contact Denise Rumboldt, Family Catechetics Coordinator, at 634-5161 (office), 634-3506 (home) or at  familycatecheticshrah@gmail.com 


We will begin classes in November. I had hoped to start earlier but it was not meant to be.  All classes will be held via Zoom.  I will send the meeting information and the link for joining the meeting on the Sunday before the meeting.  Books have not yet arrived despite being ordered in September - proof we need to do online shopping for Christmas early.  I'll let you know when they arrive and where to pick them up.  All classes will need to be attended by an adult as well as the child.  If you can, I'd like you to prepare a small prayer space - on the end of the table.  You'll need a white cloth and a cross or a religious picture, you could certainly place that in the prayer space as well.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.  Denise



Schedule 2020-2021


Note: Due to Covid-19, all sessions this year will be held on-line.


Note: All classes will take place from 6:30 – 7:05 via Zoom.


November (Unit 1: Revelation)

Tuesday, November 10: Year 1

Monday, November 16: Year 3

Tuesday, November 17: Year 4

Wednesday, November 18: Year 5

Thursday, November 19: Year 6


December (Advent/Christmas)

Tuesday, December 1: Year 1

Monday, December 7: Year 3

Tuesday, December 8: Year 4

Wednesday, December 9: Year 5

Thursday, Decmber 10: Year 6


January (Unit 2: Trinity)

Tuesday, January 12: Year 1

Monday, January 18: Year 3

Tuesday, January 19: Year 4

Wednesday, January 20: Year 5

Thursday, January 21: Year 6


February (Unit 3: Jesus Christ)

Tuesday, February 9: Year 1

Monday, February 15: Year 3

Tuesday, February 16: Year 4

Wednesday, February 17: Year 5

Thursday, February 18: Year 6


March (Unit 4: The Church)

Tuesday, March 9:  Year 1

Monday, March 15 Year 3

Tuesday, March 16: Year 4

Wednesday, March 17: Year 5

Thursday, March 18: Year 6


April (Unit 5: Morality)

Tuesday, April 13:  Year 1

Monday, April 19: Year 3

Tuesday, April 20: Year 4

Wednesday, April 21: Year 5,

Thursday, April 22: Year 6


May (Unit 6: The Sacraments)

Tuesday, May 4: Year 1

Monday, May 10: Year 3

Tuesday, May 11: Year 4

Wednesday, May 12: Year 5

Thursday, May 13: Year 6


    Confirmation Year 1 classes will be in September (dates and times to follow) and due to Covid-19, will be held on-line. Any young person from Grade 7 or above may register for Confirmation. A parent or guardian will be required to accompany the young person at all sessions. Registration procedures and contact information are the same as those outlined for the Family Catechetics program (listed above).


Confirmation Year 2 classes will begin in October (times and dates to follow). Registration procedures and contact information are the same as outlined for the Family Catechetics program.




NOTE: All participants are required to provide Baptismal certificates.


Family Catechtics: Family Catechetics, Youth Ministry and Confirmation will take place at Holy Redeemer and All Hallows Church throughout the month of June. Family Catechetics is for families with children in Kindergarten up to Grade Six. The preparation for all the sacraments begins in Kindergarten with more extensive preparation at the Year 2 level (age 7 approximately) for children preparing for the Sacrament of Eucharist and at the Year 3 level (age 8) for children preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. A special program will be offered for those children who have not received the sacraments at the ages mentioned above. When parents have their children baptized, they accept "the responsibility of training them in the practice of the faith". (Baptism Rite) This family program is designed specifically to help parents to fulfill this most important obligation. Registration forms may be picked up on the tables at the entrances to the churches. Completed registration forms may be dropped off at the sacristy in each church or at the parish office, or faxed to the Cathedral office at 634-5999.


The word catechesis means faith development/faith formation. We use the term as it better reflects our hope and goal. We do not use the term religious education as it is not our intention to simply impart knowledge, to give children and young adults information about their religion, but to form them into prayerful, committed Christians who give witness to their faith through active participation in the life and mission of the Church.


Responsibility of all:

In Africa there is an expression, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. For us this means that the faith development of our children and young people is the responsibility of all of us. No parish will fulfill its mission to spread the Gospel unless it has, first and foremost, the good living witness of its members. We are all called upon to not only nurture our children, but also to meet the challenge of living our own faith in the here and now.


Parent Responsibility:

While the formation of children and youth is the responsibility of all parishioners, it will require the particular interest and dedication of parents. When parents ask to have their children baptized they automatically assume the responsibility of bringing them up in the faith.

In 1984, in a speech he gave in Newfoundland, Pope John Paul II said that the primary educators of their children are the parents. Parents sow the seeds of faith and place their very young children on their journey of following Jesus when they pray with them, when they teach them to pray, when they speak to their children about Jesus and God’s love for them, and when they lead their children to celebrate the mysteries of the faith at Mass. It follows that parents, in order to lead their children in faith, must be growing in their own faith and giving witness to it.


On-going Process:

A faith formation program was never meant to be a crash course offered to our young people just before they receive a sacrament, but a day to day opening up of their lives to Christ, the one who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” This means that children who are to receive any of the sacraments are expected to be involved in parish faith development from the time they start Kindergarten.


Family based catechetics presently includes children from Kindergarten age to eleven year olds. Sessions are held monthly for parents and children. At this time parents are given resources to use during the month to help foster the faith development of their children. Remember it is not an “education/teaching” process, but a process of passing on our Catholic faith. Parents who are already involved have expressed their delight in the process.

We are also in the beginning stages of building a Comprehensive Youth Ministry.

All meetings are held in the multi-purpose room in the basement of the Cathedral



Forms are available at the back of the church. When you complete them you can simply drop them in the lower part of the rack marked Completed Forms. For more information, our Catechetics Coordinator, Denise Rumboldt, may be reached at the parish office (634-5161) from 9am – 12:30pm Monday through Friday. You may also contact her at home at 634-6856.


Sunday Mass:

The Bishops at the Second Vatican Council said, “No Christian community is ever built up unless it has its roots and center in the Eucharistic Liturgy” (Mass). They also said that our celebration of the Mass is one of the elements that identifies us as members of the Catholic Community. We cannot, without contradiction, ask that children receive the sacraments, which prepare us to be full, active members of the Church, if we are not giving public witness to that faith by your own regular participation in the Mass that the Lord himself asked us to offer in his memory.



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