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Lectures Schedule

Lectures Schedule for August 5 - November 12 2017.


5:00 PM


10:30 AM


5:00 PM

Aug 5/6 Gene Ozon   Gus kenny   Alice Anderson
  Paul Gillingham   Marjorie Hannon   Bernie Flynn
Aug 12/13 Bernd Staeben   Peter Noseworthy Nora Drake
  Christine Manuel   Jim O'Neil   Debbie Mayo
Aug 19/20 Daryl MacGillivray   Seamus Gibbons   Patricia Hatch
  Dorothy Specker   Tina Coleman   Jason Fitzgerald
Aug 26/27 Janice Spencer   Theresa Brett   Colleen Thistle
  Mike Spencer   Janet Brett   Lillian George
Sept 2/3 Philomena Carroll   Irene Zreick   Bernie Flynn
  Glen MacArthur   Gary Wiseman   Alice Anderson
Sept 9/10 Paul Gillingham   Gus Kenny   Debbie Mayo
  Gene Ozon   Marjorie Hannon   Nora Drake
Sept 16/17 Christine Manuel   Jim O'Neil   Jason Fitzgerald
  Bernd Staeben   Peter Noseworthy Patricia Hatch
Sept 23/24 Dorothy Specker   Tina Coleman   Lillian George
  Daryl MacGillivray   Seamus Gibbons   Colleen Thistle
Sept 30/31 Janice Spencer   Regina Warren   Alice Anderson
  Mike Spencer   Larry Warren   Bernie Flynn
Oct 7/8 Philomena Carroll   Theresa Brett   Nora Drake
  Glen MacArthur   Janet Brett   Debbie Mayo
Oct 14/15 Gene Ozon   Irene Zreick   Patricia Hatch
  Bernd Staeben   Gary Wiseman   Jason Fitzgerald
Oct 21/22 Bernd Staeben   Marjorie Hannon   Colleen Thistle
  Christine Manuel   Gus Kenny   Lillian George
Oct 28/29 Daryl MacGillivray   Peter Noseworthy Bernie Flynn
  Dorothy Specker   Jim O'Neil   Alice Anderson
Nov 4/5 Janice Spencer   Seamus Gibbons   Debbie Mayo
  Mike Spencer   Tina Coleman   Nora Drake
Nov 11/12 Philomena Carroll   Larry Warren   Jason Fitzgerald
  Glen MacArthur   Regina Warren   Patricia Hatch

Lectors Guidelines


Spirituality: Proclaiming the word at Mass is a proper ministry of the church. It takes its place in the spirit of full, active and conscious participation in the celebration. Each one chosen for this ministry should have a good understanding of the ministry: that God speaks to us through us. The Lector is the one who is being used by God to communicate the word to everyone.


Given this awareness, it=s incumbent on Lectors to have a proper disposition: one of respect and reverence for the Word and its proper proclamation. If this is so we should prepare ourselves by reviewing the readings during the week, preparing them for presentation and being sensitive to phrasing and problematic word pronunciation.


Always come groomed and dressed appropriately. We don=t have to dress to the nines but we do need to wear better than average clothes - what we traditionally called our Sunday best. We strongly encourage you to come prepared regardless of the schedule. Many times readers run into circumstances at the last minute and cannot fulfill their commitment - so we have to ask someone right on the spot!


Arrive at least fifteen minutes ahead of the celebration and ensure the Lectionary and related materials - greeting and intercessions - are properly placed.




One Lector (First reading) come in procession holding the BOOK OF THE GOSPELS. It is held high as a sign that God=s word is moving through the congregation. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, the Book is placed on the altar in the usual way. Take your place in the congregation.

First Reading

 Come forward once the opening prayer has been completed. No bowing is called for - go straight to the Lectern. The LECTIONARY should already be on the Lectern and opened to the correct reading.


Looking straight at the congregation say: A reading from ...............



Begin - pace yourself, go slowly - proclaim the word rather than reading words from the page.

Good eye contact, proper expression, proclaim with passion.


At the end - pause - looking straight at the congregation say: The Word of the Lord. Response is: Thanks be to God.

Return to your place for the singing of the psalm. If the psalm is not being sung, stay to recite it.

In that case you would simply state the refrain and everyone would repeat it.

Once the psalm is completed, return to your place

Second Reading:

The second reader is already seated near the front. Once the first reader leaves the Lectern after the psalm has been sung or recited - come forward

Same deliberate approach as the first reading:

Good eye contact - looking straight at the congregation, introduce the reading

eg. A reading from.................................


Read slowly, deliberately and pronounce the word well - proclaim it.

At the end of the reading - pause - then, looking at the congregation, say: The Word of the Lord.

Close the Lectionary and place it on the table near the lectern. Return to your place



Once the Priest stands and the creed is recited, come forward. The Priest will introduce the intercessions and you begin by saying: Lord, hear our prayer. Everyone responds in kind.

Read the intercessions slowly and pause before saying; we pray...

Once the intercessions are completed, stay in place until the Priest completes the concluding prayer. Then return to your place. Thank you for your ministry.


Note: While prayers are being said, there should no unnecessary movement - everyone holds their position.



EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS:                                                              

The same thinking applies generally as to Lectors: Come properly disposed - grooming, dress etc. Come well in advance, be prepared to participate even if you are not scheduled - sometimes things happen and we may have to ask for volunteers.




During the singing of the Lamb of God, come forward and stand behind or beside the altar.

Hand wipes are usually available

Receive as usual the host plus from the chalice - under both kinds

The Priest will present you with the communion dish or chalice plus the purificator.

When all is ready, we go to the people


If you are distributing the hosts: Hold the host straight at the communicant, make eye contact and say: The Body of Christ - clearly and audibly. Communicant replies: Amen. Place the host on their hand or tongue as presented.


If you are administering the chalice: Hold the chalice up and looking at the communicant say: The Blood of Christ. Communicant replies: Amen.


Rotate the chalice after each communicant receives - wiping as you go.


In the case of children - they should receive from the cup only under parental direction.


Once the rite is completed, return to the credence table, cleanse the vessels in the usual way then return to your place. Be very careful on the steps.


Thank you for participating in this special service at the celebration of Mass. It is, indeed, a privilege to be called into this ministry in virtue of our baptism.







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